Georgia is a Third-Party Liability State, not a no-fault state

Statute of Limitations

Per the Georgia statute of limitations, legal actions for injuries should be brought within two years after the accident.

Who’s at Fault?

It can be tough to answer. In Georgia, comparative fault is a legal standard used to determine who caused the accident. Sometimes more than one driver is partly at-fault. Even if you are partly at fault, you may still be entitled to seek compensation for damages.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

In 2019, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation, 1,507 people died on Georgia’s roads. Unsafe driving, such as impairment, speed or distraction, caused seventy-six (76) percent of fatalities in crashes.

Client’s Rights

Great attorneys respect your rights, are loyal to your case, and treat you with professionalism. Most importantly, they tell you the truth about your case and what compensation you may be able to receive.

How the Best Attorneys Help

Top lawyers provide a free consultation to understand your case, explain the options, determine your goals and follow up with case updates. They only get paid if you win.

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