Featured Lawyer Harry Brown, Jr., DC, JD

Georgia Collision sat down to talk with Harry Brown, Jr,. DC, JD, a leading personal injury attorney with offices in Savannah, Atlanta, Athens and Okatie, South Carolina. He shared his secrets to what makes him tick, why he chose the law and why he always puts his clients first.

GC: Harry, you’re known for your passionate support of your clients. What makes you work so hard?

Harry: Great question. Maybe it’s because I didn’t come to the law by the usual route. Before I decided to study law, I was in medicine as a practicing chiropractor. So, I saw all kinds of injuries caused by automobile accidents, and I truly understand the deep and lasting pain they cause. I did everything I could to help my patients, but often it wasn’t enough to put their lives back on track. Somehow, I got this idea in my head that the answer was a law firm truly dedicated to its clients.

GC: Where did that idea come from?

Harry: Simple, it came from my patients. I kept hearing how disappointed they were by their lawyers. They complained it seemed like the lawyers were too focused on themselves. I felt I could do a better job.

GC: How so?

Harry: We focus on client service first and make it real in a bunch of important ways. Our goal is to ensure our clients walk away with more than we do. That means we help our clients across the board, from property damages to medical expenses to full compensation for their injuries. At the Brown Firm, we are proud of our history of getting great settlements for our clients.

GC: Does your medical background help you as a lawyer?

Harry: Yes, in many ways. First, because I have a literal hands-on understanding of injuries and medical conditions and how much pain they can cause, I have a better grasp of clients’ health needs. Second, because I understand how the medical system works, I am able to train and inform my staff how to better communicate with doctors, hospitals and insurers. We know our way around the traps insurers set to limit settlements, and we get our clients what they deserve.

GC: What’s one thing any potential client should know about you and your firm?

Harry: No matter what happened to you, we will thoroughly investigate your case. We will make sure you get proper treatment for your injuries and that every aspect of your case is handled properly. Finally, if we cannot get your case resolved through a settlement, we will go to court to fight for you. We will do whatever it takes to put our clients first.

GC: Thanks, Harry.


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